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Please read the following information before booking.  If you have questions or limitations,  we’ll be happy to discuss.

Upon special request, I can customize the act to the event assuming there is enough time in advance.


Unloading Requirement:  It is very important that we are allowed to unload props, costumes, rig equipment, etc. as close to the venue as possible.  Please make your staff aware of this requirement.

Dressing Area:  Performer(s) need a private area to dress, store personal belongings, warm-up and stretch.  Ideally, a designated room with a bathroom is preferable.  Please provide bottled water in dressing area.

Setup Time:  For contortion, we need to have the box placed and have at least an hour to dress and warmup.  For rig setup, we need about an hour just to unload and setup prior to warmup.


The “Box”:

For contortion performance sets and ambient, I will usually have a pedestal or box which requires plenty of space around the box and above the box (or pedestal). This space should remain clear of people and furnishings.

Contortion Performance Set:

  • Performance of a 3 – 6 minute choreographed piece for a sitting or standing audience. I have several pieces available for large or small events.
  • Minimum space required 100 – 120 sq ft (12 ft each side and 10 ft front to back).
  • Clear ceiling space (for the box): Avoid low lighting, chandalier, ceiling fan, doorway entryways and stairwells

Ambient Contortion:

  • This is an improv set of about 15 minutes max.
  • 2 sets per hour (due to stress on the body). Contortion elements are much lighter than a Performance set.
  • Unlike other types of ambient acts, my contortion requires a protected area where a pedestal, box or spin wheel can be placed.
  • Minimum space required 70 – 80 sq ft. Optimal: 100+ sq ft. for acro elements.
  • Clear ceiling space (for the box): Avoid low lighting, chandalier, ceiling fan, doorway entryways and stairwells

Walking Ambient (add-on):

  • Light acro only – with some flexy moves.
  • Space Requirements (for acro):
    • Uncrowded area.  For safety of guests and children, acro is limited if mingling close to guests
    • Interaction is dependent on whether guests seem open to it.
  • Consider using multiple ambient artists for a better effect.

Type of Contortion:

This is a fluid style of contortion with hand balancing, control and prop manipulation. My preference is to perform a choreographed piece for each gig. Customization is possible at an additional quoted cost (and requires at least 2 weeks notice)

Aerial Acts:

  • All aerial requests require a review of rigging options at the venue.
    • Private homes:  usually does not work with direct rigging
    • Public spaces: will need to review area for appropriate rigging
    • Portable Rig:  If available, we can rent a portable rig to be placed inside (high vaulted ceilings or outside). The rig is 19′ tall and 25′ x 25′ at the base when at full height.

Aerial Apparatus Performances:

  • On short notice, I have a few pre-choreographed pieces available to different styles of music.
  • Routines range from 4 – 8 minutes.
  • Routines tend to be more dance-like with some soft contortion thrown in. I love to spin..so you can almost count on the apparatus being in constant motion for any piece.
    (Lyra and Straps)


I have  dance training (ballet & contemporary) and love to incorporate this into my routines depending on the effect desired.


Costume Limitations:

Unlike some character acts, costumes for contortion and aerial can adversely affect the act.  Since you are hiring this performer for her act, please understand the following restrictions for costuming:


    • Default costume: unitard, biketard, shorty
    • Any other costume option should be formfitting
    • Material: 4 way stretch (such as lycra) as the base,
    • Adequate coverage during routine
    • Footwear:
      • Jazz shoes
      • Half shoes
      • Barefoot (weather permitting)
    • Things to avoid:
      • Metal on torso that can poke
      • Sharp material
      • Safety pins
      • Stiff belts
      • Gloves & Stocking feet
      • Layers
      • Bulky materials
      • Delicate fabrics that may tear or run

Balltortion (Specialty Act):

    • All Contortion Guidelines
    • Must be stretch-fitted (cling) around legs and torso (Unitard, biketard, leotard with tights, etc.). * Cannot be loose *
    • No caps or headpieces (they inhibit vision or cause issues with grip)
    • All client or show provided costumes must be tried with ball (run-through).
    • Note:
      • Some materials are slick and don’t work as well as others. Best option is to try it out.  May need to make alterations to work with Balltortion.
      • layers (material moves and causes problems with grip)
    • Rental Costumes or Client owned costumes:
      • As noted above, this is a specialty act where the performer must depend on the costume to work with the manipulation of the ball.  We do not recommend rental or client owned costumes due to the likeliness that some customization might have to be done to make it work with the act.


  • Covered under specialty performance insurance



We work with some wonderful agencies and are able to show those images on our site.  But for professional courtesy, we ask that you do not use these images unless you are working with the specified agency and have their permission.  The following gallery is property of FlyingDaniela and may be used for any independent/agency promotion with FlyingDaniela.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us.

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