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 I am an aerialist, contortionist, dancer, and an all around circus performer. Feel free to browse around my site, and check out what I do!

I started training at age 6 in competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics after trying out dance and Artistic Gymnastics.  The same year my family too me to see the Cirque Du Soleil show, Kooza. I couldn’t take my eyes off the stage!  I knew right then, that I wanted to be a circus performer.  From that point on, we went to every Cirque Du Soleil show that came to Atlanta.   Turned out that Rhythmic Gymnastics was a perfect introduction to my dream job.  Years later, I gave up competing (RG) so that I could train on aerial silks (Sky Gym, Atlanta) and focus on some dance training.  Gradually, I added several other Cirque-style disciplines and even sought more advanced training by Cirque Du Soleil artists and trainers.

I currently perform around the Atlanta area with several great Cirque Entertainment organizers for events such as Private Parties, Corporate Meetings/Parties, Award Ceremonies, Festivals, Music Videos, etc.

Performance Disciplines:

  • Contortion
    • Box Contortion
    • Balltortion
    • Hand balancing
    • Acro-Dance
  • Aerial Hoop (Lyra)
  • Aerial Straps
  • Aerial Silks / Dance Sling

I have also trained in the following disciplines:

  • Rhythmic Gymnastics (non-competitive)
  • Ballet & Pointe
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Handstand Arts
  • Hand 2 Hand
  • Acro

My goal is to continually add an original flare to my performances.

**If you are interested in hiring me for your event, please use the Event Request for Information form.

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Flying Daniela
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